Welcome to our site!

Regardless of what brings you here – the desire to conclude an alliance, to tell the audience the story of
 your love, or remove the original invitation to the wedding, our team will be happy to doeverything to 
ensure that even after many years you could feel the same emotions and with the sameforce and 
trembling, as if it were today … The main emotion.
Happiness, joy, a foretaste of the main event to which you have sought and so that is about to    occur. 
We will not talk about themselves, we tell you about your happiness in our work. It’s not even a 
profession – Videographer, this labor of love, without which we would be sad and not interested in living.
To empathize, to be part of a joyful event – is the main reward for us.
As Love has no borders, and we are ready to work wherever we are welcome and appreciated our work.
We sincerely believe that he is not in vain, and you, watching our movies will be a little warmer and you
 will smile to each other … as if …

team MainEmotion